A Peek at the Week 1 – 7 July, 2024

Welcome to our church website. We are One church with Two locations. We encourage you to visit both the Spot Bay church and the Watering Place church and then decide which you would like to make your church home.

When you visit both of our churches you will find that we believe in the power of God’s Word, and we want to share that with you. You will find that we believe in the power of prayer. You will find that we emphasize the importance of living a godly life in our attempt to please our Lord in Thought, Word, and Deed. You will also find that we love to worship God.

We love the Lord and we love our church. We believe you will feel the presence of the Lord, and will enjoy the loving welcome of our people when you worship with us.

Below is a schedule of our services for the week. Make plans now to worship with us. We will look forward to having you with us!


Sunday School – 9:45 am

Morning Worship – Sunday – 11 am

Evening Worship – Sunday – 6:30 pm

Mid-Week Service – Wednesday – 7:15 pm


Spot Bay Tuesday Midweek Service

How to Come with Success – Genesis 41

Watering Place Wednesday Midweek Service

(Cancelled – Hurricane Beryl)


Watering Place Sunday Morning Worship

The Question of the Ages – Matthew 27:1-26

Spot Bay Evening Worship service

How to Love Your Enemies – Jeremiah 29:7


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